Environmental Policy

The Felters Environmental Policy outlines the company’s objectives and demonstrates our commitment to positive environmental management:

  • To use our resources and to carry out operations which minimize possible threats to the environment and the community.

  • To seek continuous improvement of our environmental performance with regards to the biophysical environment, health, and conform to the laws and regulations in force.

  • To continuously seek ways to reduce, reuse, reprocess and recycle residual materials which we generate and, when necessary, to dispose of the waste safely and responsibly.

  • To collaborate with government authorities to find environmental solutions specific to our operations.

  • To developing an environmental management system for our company.

  • To evaluate any potential environmental impact prior to making any decision regarding the acquisition of new facilities or the expansion of existing ones.

  • To provide training for and create awareness among management and personnel about environment-responsible ways of carrying out their work tasks.

  • To seek to conform to ISO 14000 standards in our efforts to be environmentally responsible.